Self Portrait

This is my personal page where I would try to keep a blog and share my thoughts with everyone who might care. But “why not Facebook, Twitter and the like” you would ask? Surely we have better ways for doing this by now? Why are you so 2000? I do believe that the web is changing for the worse and we are seeding too much power to few big corporations. All American I might add! What is going on fellow Europeans? So I do many things to keep my life away from them. Like hosting my own web page. We can turn the things around to the way they were however unlikely this is. Besides, this is the only way I’ve found where I can reliably send you the clacks overhead.

But who am I? Wasn’t that the whole point of this page? Well, here we go…

Doychin Atanasov

I am a software developer or programmer if you would like it better. As the rant above suggests, you would find way too much information about me in the open. For example, my code is on github, my music tastes can be found at my account. The books I’ve read and liked can be seen in my goodreads account. Once in few years you might even see a tweet from me! What else? Ah, yes! If you are a little persistent you may even find out which npm modules I’ve published, what games I play or even which movies I liked. Well, I spoiled it for you didn’t I? No intense googling for you now! Maybe this centralised collection and linking of accounts makes it much easier for all kinds of adversaries? At least I am not giving away my keys, am I? Oh, well…

And the content?

On this side you would find a blog and collection of other quirky web stuff I might do. The blog may be hit and miss for all English speaking people as it would probably contain a mix of Bulgarian and English posts.


This site was created and hosted with the help of the following software:

  • Coreutils - literally everything I do requires the GNU tools at some point or an other
  • Ubuntu OS - the OS of my first choice
  • Nginx - there hardly is a better webserver out there
  • Jekyll - in my opinion this project helps the web go back where it was supposed to be
  • ImageMagic and GIMP - rarely an image is just right for publishing
  • ionicons - font icons are the best thing since sliced bread!
  • Zepto.js - jQuery but small? Count me in!
  • Magnific Popup - JS popups, no fuss needed

I am extremely grateful to the countless people who have poured their time and effort into them. At different times I’ve also donated to most of these and encourage you to do the same. These are the people who would enable us to wrestle control back over the web once again if we ever manage to do it.

The other group of people I want to mention is everyone who have hepled me with this site. Every single corrected spelling mistake is greatly appreciated.